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tl;dr: qoohoo helps creators to grow, manage and monetise their audience across all platforms. Creators on qoohoo earn swiftly from their micro-content, courses & subscriptions directly on Whatsapp and Telegram unlocking massive growth potential. Check out our product.

Hello everyone, we are Aseem & Vimal, the team behind qoohoo.


Communities on Telegram and WhatsApp have been growing at a rapid pace, especially in the last few years. Creators tend to bring their audience from social media to messaging apps, but they don't have a way to monetize or manage them effectively.

They are currently managing their backend operations in a chaotic, error-prone, and time-consuming way, manually handling payments and adding/removing users separately.

Besides monetisation, creators need help with audience growth, retention, and reactivationThey are missing critical audience insights, behaviour and nudges to grow their business effectively to their full potential.

This problem was first faced by Vimal while running his edtech startup - coursavy, where communities of students & LIVE courses were the core. He used to create a telegram channel for each course and manually managed the operations. His brother is also a YouTuber in music learning facing similar issues while running classes on Whatsapp.

This experience gave us a ring-side view of the problem and the scale.


Creators on qoohoo can quickly launch their micro-content, courses & subscriptions directly on Whatsapp and Telegram unlocking massive growth potential.

If we take simplicity & speed into account, what whatsapp is for personal communication, qoohoo is for creators. It’s that simple!

In February alone, our creators are earning close to $500K in the field of Art, Music, Education and Finance.

One of our creators’ earnings has surged from $10K to $125K per month in just 10 months of using our product. She leverages YouTube for distribution and qoohoo for monetization.

Ask & Deal

Today we are launching our global version, now anyone across any nation can use qoohoo easily. This is a beta release, we will keep on adding all the new tools going forward.

Check out our product at https://qoohoo.in/

  • It will be super nice if you could use our product & share your experience, we are available at founders@qoohoo.in
  • If you have creators or startups in your circle who are running their communities & courses, do connect us with them. (We have special offers for YC companies & referrals :)

Let's keep building and moving forward! Thanks for your support. 🙏