Automat RPA - Robotic process automation for Chrome using ChatGPT and computer vision

Automate anything in Chrome using natural language

TLDR: Traditional automation software is slow and expensive, Automat is 10X faster and 1/10th the price. It lets operations teams automate using natural language.

Howdy y’all! Lucas here from Automat - excited to share what my cofounder Gautam and I have been working on!

🧐 The problem: Traditional Robotic Process Automation is slow and expensive.

It’s extremely time consuming and expensive to build out robot process automations using traditional tools like UiPath (~$66,000 per yearly license - Yikes!) not to mention the initial consultant setup fees which most people are forced to pay if they don’t have the resources in house (at the lowest end we’re talking $50,000+ per project - Double Yikes!!)

💡 Our Solution: Automat makes it 10X cheaper and faster to build any robotic process automation using natural language on chrome.

We’re solving this by creating a platform that enables robotics process automation for Chrome using large language models and computer vision.

Currently our customers send us descriptions or videos of the processes they’d like us to automate and we use our internal tooling to quickly build out those automations.

Here is one of our customer’s attended bots in action, scraping an email, looking through a prospecting tool, and saving it to a spreadsheet.

We want to let anyone regardless of timeline or budget automate the work they do by using natural language or simply sending Automat the workflow in a screen recording.

👯 A little more about us

Gautam and Lucas met on the first day of Design school at Carnegie Mellon University and have been roommates ever since:

🙏 Our asks

Are you struggling in a deluge of repetitive or complex tasks that you wish you could hire someone for (or automate) but don’t have the budget? Send an email to lucas@runautomat.com or submit a request on our website.

Does the above sound like someone you know? We’d appreciate intros to anyone. Let us know and we can send you over a quick intro blurb to make it an easy email to forward.

YC Special Offer: For the first 10 YC companies that reach out we’ll waive the setup fee associated with building your automation!