🌿 Dill - Faster payments in foodservice distribution

We help foodservice distributors get paid faster & get time back on more sales

Hi everyone! Excited to launch Dill 🤠

What we do

Dill is a digital invoicing & payments tool for foodservice distributors.

The problem

Foodservice distributors are processing hundreds of invoices each day. Their biggest pain today is late payments. Restaurants often pay late due to missing invoices and proof of delivery. This is because of the way invoicing is done today – it’s still rooted in paper.

The solution

At Dill, we’re bringing the invoicing & payments process online, and we’re built specifically for the unique workflows of the food supply chain. With us, our customers have gotten paid 20% faster and gotten 20 hours per week back on new sales & better customer service.

Our backstory

I’m a second-time founder, and b2b commerce is my bread and butter. My last startup in b2b commerce was acquired, so this isn’t my first rodeo! I have always been passionate about the food supply chain – I previously was a PM at Yelp and have always been a huge foodie 😋

The asks

🥦 Would appreciate any warm leads to foodservice distributors. If you know someone or know someone who knows someone, reach out at catherine@usedill.com!

💵 Ping me if you’re also building in AR/AP. Would love to bounce off ideas and share learnings.