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Pair AI - Monetize your knowledge in a scalable way

Build mobile courses with best in class gamification and AI coaching tools


Pair is the first truly mobile education platform. We make learning as fun and engaging as watching a TikTok by enabling any creator to launch premium white-label mobile courses. As successful 7-figure course entrepreneurs ourselves, we have reimagined the course platform experience for the next generation of creators with best-in-class gamification tools and proprietary AI to maximize each student's learning.

⭐️ The Team:

Parth Detroja (CEO) is the global bestselling author of Swipe to Unlock and has launched multiple 7 figure courses. He spent the last 4 years as a Product Manager at Facebook where he patented half a dozen AI technologies. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University.

Jason Goodison (CTO) is a Software Engineer and Tech YouTuber with 138k subscribers. Before YC, he worked at Microsoft for 3 years and graduated with distinction from the University of Waterloo.

❌ The Problem

The average completion rate for online courses is below 9% because they are not designed for our short attention spans. Oftentimes courses are 20+ hours of content, but only contain 1-2 hours of actionable insights. Students don't want to consume long-winded lectures.

Today’s generation wants to learn from their favorite creators! We asked over a hundred top creators what was holding them back from creating a course. The top cited reasons were:

  1. The time commitment required to script and film a traditional video course
  2. Not knowing where to start and how to effectively monetize a course
  3. Worries about piracy of video-on-demand courses
  4. Not being able to coach each student to the extent they’d like because their time doesn’t scale

Courses allow creators massive monetization potential without dependence on advertisers; however, many of the best creators are deterred from selling information products altogether because no platform today fits their needs.

✨ Our Solution

Pair is the first mobile video course platform built by creators, for creators. We are removing all the barriers holding creators back from launching information products.

Our platform is specifically designed for structured learning through shorter-form video with our average video length being about 5 minutes. We pride ourselves on offering more actionable insights through 2 hours of total video than traditional courses provide in 20 hours. Not only is this a much better experience for students, but it also lowers the burden on creators to launch their courses.

Unlike other platforms, we only make money when our creators make money. Creators keep a generous 90% of sales and we take 10%. With this alignment of incentives, our product roadmap prioritizes helping course creators maximize their long-term revenue above all else. Our out-of-box white label solution optimizes specifically for course sales and helps any creator seamlessly launch their course and craft a world-class sales funnel. We have handcrafted this experience after spending the last 4 years launching multiple 7 figure courses ourselves.

Our platform also allows any creator or educator access to powerful engagement tools like streaks, badges, and leaderboards to create daily habit and build a lucrative and retentive content business. These tools were previously reserved for unicorn companies like Duolingo, Calm, and Headspace with large in-house engineering teams until we decided to democratize them 🙂

Pair also offers robust tooling to prevent ripping of your content and to actively search for and file takedown requests on the off chance piracy does occur. As course creators ourselves, we know firsthand how terrifying piracy is. A ripped copy of your course getting SEO’d to Google could cut your sales in half or worse overnight. Astonishingly, not a single course platform today offers even the most basic anti-piracy solutions—until now.

And last but not least, Pair offers best-in-class AI assistance to help you provide 1:1 coaching and personalized learning assistance to your students at scale. We do this by ingesting a creator's entire back-catalog of content to craft a chatbot that is fine-tuned to sound exactly like them. Creators can also use this chat experience to deliver push notifications and live content updates to students to support their learning process!

🙏 Ask

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