(🌍) Bluedot - Single payment solution for electric vehicle drivers and fleets

Bluedot makes EV charging payment easier and simplifies expense management for drivers and fleets.


  • What: Bluedot is a single payment platform for EV (electric vehicle) drivers and fleets to charge their cars and manage expenses.

  • Traction: We continue to grow since launching publicly on December 15. As of Feb. 28, our GMV was $82K last week, and it’s growing by 45% weekly. We have closed 5 fleet companies.

  • Here’s what one of our EV fleet management customers had to say:

    “We have partnered up with Bluedot to give our drivers a better charging experience and understand charging behavior and optimize it. Our drivers enjoy using Bluedot so far. The charging map is great and makes it easy for me to drive without worrying.”

    “They love that they can pay a flat fee at any charging station and pay without having to download numerous apps. Saves money and time!”

Problem and how fuel card industry is changing

Currently, EVs account for 5% of new car sales in the US and the Biden administration has set an ambitious goal to increase the market share to 50% by 2030. To encourage EV adoption, the federal government is investing in building 500,000 new public charging stations for these cars. Along the way, the projected spend for all-electric vehicle charging is expected to hit $25 billion.

However, this transformation comes with some challenges and opportunities around charging and payments, such as:

📱 Accessibility: Currently, to charge their cars, drivers need 5-6 different apps & cards to find and pay at charging stations. This is especially inefficient and difficult for fleet drivers who need to charge frequently.

📊 Trackability: It’s hard for fleet managers and drivers to track charging behavior and spending, which creates an inefficient ecosystem.

🧾 Reimbursement: Lack of accessibility and trackability also makes it harder for fleet drivers to get reimbursed for charging expenses. Also, most drivers can charge their cars at home, which adds to reimbursement problems.

Bluedot aims to address these challenges and help accelerate the transition to EV transportation.

💡 How Does Bluedot Work?

▶️ Bluedot Driver App: EV drivers can access 60% of available charging stations and pay with the Bluedot App, while also enjoying savings on auto-related expenses.

▶️ Bluedot Dashboard: Fleet managers can monitor and authenticate driver permissions, as well as gain better visibility into charging and driving behavior, helping to improve fleet efficiency and control costs.

👥 Bluedot Crew

From our Bluedot Exclusive event for our drivers

Our team comprises long-time friends Ferhat and Selinay, who have known each other since high school. Ferhat has worked at reputable car and mobility companies such as Zipcar, Bosch, and Mercedes-Benz. Meanwhile, Selinay has worked on multiple EV projects and has been recognized by Business Insider as a Rising Star in the EV Industry. She was also nominated as Women4Climate by C40 cities.

Emre and Yunus, our technical leads, have built applications that have reached 3 millions users without a marketing budget. Our team is characterized by our grit and perseverance, and we pride ourselves on acting fast and building faster.

We are backed by investors including Axel Springer and Porsche, Ford, TechNexus, DRF, Eksim Ventures and Pritchard Automotive.

🙏🏼 Ask

We are expanding and distributing our offering through auto dealers, auto financing companies, fleet management and delivery companies.

We want to learn more about how they currently manage charging and if they could benefit from payments platform and dashboard.

Also, try our product and let us know your feedback! If you want to reach out, here is our e-mail: founders@thebluedot.co