🚛 Vooma - Backoffice automation for logistics

Vooma helps brokers and carriers eliminate manual order entry

tldr: Vooma fully automates order taking from shippers for brokers and carriers. We help logistics companies scale with less headcount, reduce cost per load and eliminate data entry errors. Reach out at www.vooma.ai.

Hello! We’re Mike and Jesse, and we’re building Vooma.

🎊 Vooma: a backoffice automation platform for logistics

Vooma is a back-office automation platform for freight brokers and carriers that fully automates order taking from shippers.

😰 Taking orders from shippers is still extremely manual

Today brokers and carriers receive 60% of orders (~$200BN of freight) over email text, spreadsheets and PDFs and key them into their systems manually. The industry spends ~$750M per year in salaries alone on this problem.

Only a fraction of shippers have transportation management systems, and a smaller fraction can send orders digitally.

There’s no good solution for logistics companies. Some have tried robotic process automation, but the variety of file types makes RPA clunky, slow and not cost effective.

For brokers and carriers, building loads manually:

  • is expensive,
  • distracts from higher value tasks,
  • results in billing and operational errors, and
  • makes scaling without headcount hard.

💡 How does Vooma work?

It’s simple.

  1. Reps forward order emails to Vooma
  2. Vooma extracts the load details
  3. Vooma pushes the load to the broker/carrier system through EDI / API

With Vooma, brokers and carriers can:

  • Scale with less headcount
  • Reduce cost per load
  • Eliminate data errors

We’ve successfully solved the order entry problem where others have failed by combining our computer vision expertise with today’s large language models.

🧑‍🤝‍ 🧑 The Vooma team

Jesse and Mike were introduced by a close mutual friend and bonded over a love of logistics.

Mike had built self driving trucks as a founding engineer at Kodiak Robotics ($250M raised), establishing and leading their motion planning and safety teams. Prior to that he was an autonomy engineer at Uber ATG and Otto.

Jesse had grown a private equity backed logistics software company from $2M to $20M+ ARR as CEO, selling to brokers and truckers. He saw first hand that every logistics company struggled with order entry and no good solution existed.

Jesse and Mike teamed up and realized they were perfectly positioned to solve the order entry problem, combining a deep understanding of the businesses that feel this pain with the computer vision, AI, and automation expertise necessary to make it go away.

🙌🏼 Our asks

Are you a freight broker or carrier and want to experience the magic of automated order entry?

Or have any brokers or carriers in your network?

Email us at founders@vooma.ai or visit us at www.vooma.ai to connect.