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Hey everyone - We’re Hemant and Nishad from Inri. Inri helps Indian expats (NRIs) to invest in personalized portfolios of Indian index & debt funds with hassle-free repatriation and tax compliance.


India is set to be one of the fastest growing major economies and Indian expats have a unique opportunity to invest in this dynamic growing market. As an Indian expat looking to invest in India, investing in India is a daunting experience, with multiple operational hurdles, complex tax and repatriation regulations.

Inri solves these challenges by providing a seamless investment platform comprising of personalized wealth advisory and compliance services.

The Problem

Investing in India from abroad is broken due to multiple reasons:

  1. Lack of awareness - Indian expats often don’t know where to start, what to choose and how to personalize from a plethora of available investment options
  2. High complexity - Being compliant from a taxation and repatriation perspective needs a lot of regulatory knowledge
  3. Physical paperwork - A lot of processes still require paper documents and in-person presence, which makes it impossible to invest hassle-free
  4. Inefficiency - Existing India based funds listed abroad don’t track the Indian market well, leading to an underperformance of as high as 15% over 5 years.

The Solution

Inri helps you navigate through these hassles with a simple platform that curates personalized baskets based on your risk appetite, along with services like easy repatriation and tax compliance.

Inri provides

  • Personalized baskets curated from 8000+ available mutual funds based on your risk preferences
  • Complimentary Taxation & Repatriation Support to help you get done with taxes under 1 day for both India and your home country
  • Faster Onboarding as Inri partners with leading banks to get your accounts opened faster
  • Educational content to enhance awareness about Indian economy and regulatory processes

Inri’s vision is to become a one-stop platform for the Indian expat community of all things money in India.

Why Us

We (Hemant and Nishad) have both seen these problems first hand through our own experience and that of our friends looking to invest in India. We’re committed to solving it for the broader Indian expat community around the world.

We are both alumni of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad, and have a decade of experience working at McKinsey, BCG, Meta, Walmart and HSBC.

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