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Glass AI 2.0 Demo - "ChatGPT for Doctors"

We empower doctors with our platform for AI-assisted diagnosis and clinical-decision making.

Glass AI 2.0 🩺 🦾

In January, Glass Health launched a new feature called Glass AI, which uses an LLM to generate a medical diagnosis or clinical plan from a patient summary. The launch of Glass AI led to >50K AI queries and more than 5K sign-ups for the Glass Health platform.

We used the feedback from those queries to create an entirely new clinical layer for Glass AI. In this new video demo, our AI creates a clinical plan for a patient with heart failure. Glass AI 2.0 has been created by a team of 20 physicians and outputs state-of-the-art clinical plans with up-to-date and accurate medical references.

About Us

Dereck Paul is a physician who trained at the UCSF School of Medicine and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. During his clinical training, he encountered the archaic software doctors use to practice medicine and became passionate about providing clinicians with a new generation of software.

Graham Ramsey was an early engineer and product manager at Modern Fertility and built a telemedicine EHR at Plushcare, where he became passionate about building for clinicians.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we founded Glass Health because of our shared belief that technology should be fully leveraged to optimize the practice of medicine and improve patient outcomes. Please contact us at founders@glass.health to learn more about our mission or our Demo Day.

If you’re a clinician, we’d love to have you try our platform. Please sign up for the Glass AI 2.0 waitlist here.

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