Paperplane - Automatically update Salesforce after sales calls using NLP.

We analyze sales calls to update all of the fields, objects, and notes you need in Salesforce.

TLDR: ✈️ Paperplane automatically updates Salesforce after sales calls. Sales teams at fast-growing B2B companies do 14%+ more calls per week because they no longer have to spend hours updating their CRM.

The Problem:

There are over 3 million B2B salespeople in the US, and each of them spends 3-6 hours each week manually updating their CRM with data about their customers and live deals.

This creates a problem at every layer of large and fast-moving sales teams.

Reps at companies like Nextdoor, Twilio, Checkr, and Front spend 10-15% of their time on data entry versus actually selling; Sales leaders spend hours chasing reps for updates; and sales-ops / rev-ops teams deal with their CRM missing ~50% of opportunity data. This has always made it difficult for sales teams to know what is really happening and which deals are at risk.

In an environment where many B2B companies have to do more with less, something has to give.

Our Solution:

Paperplane solves this problem by automatically updating Salesforce after every sales call.

We plug into a sales team’s conversational intelligence platform (e.g. Gong, Chorus, Wingman) and Salesforce.

After the call, Paperplane transcribes and extracts the required Salesforce fields (eg. next steps, follow-ups, pain points, MEDDIC) and notes. No keywords, tracking words, or scripts to adhere to. Paperplane’s NLP model is built to retrieve the correct data regardless of phrasing and is grounded to mitigate hallucinations that are common with language models today.

Once done, sales leaders get the updates and notes they need in minutes and reps no longer spend hours moving data from their notes into Salesforce.

We’re currently working with a handful of fast-growing B2B companies to increase their pipeline visibility, improve sales productivity, and help them understand why they’re winning/losing.

Our Ask 🙏

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