Untether Labs

Untether Labs · Smart scheduling for digital clinics

We help clinics schedule their doctors and patients, to improve margins and access to care.

Hey YC, this is @Lucas and @Aditya from @UntetherLabs launching!

TL;DR Clinics are facing an existential problem - fix margins to survive. We’ve built a digital clinic, and seen the tech they need to improve margins. Now we’re bringing this tech back to other clinics. For our first customer, we’re projected to generate $2.5M in revenue.


Doctors (MDs, nurses, therapists) spend less than 50% of their day seeing patients. Yet you, as a patient, can’t get an appointment 4+ weeks out. Why? … archaic software.

Care models for digital clinics have evolved. Care happens over calls, texts, at-home, in-person and over state lines covering insurance requirements. Scheduling the supply of doctors with the fluctuating patient demand is too complex for billion-dollar clinics to be coordinating out of spreadsheets. So while demand for healthcare has grown rapidly, margins are poor.


We help clinics improve margins through an all-in-one tool that offers better scheduling, reporting, and forecasting.

Scheduling to optimize doctors and appointments across specialties, regions, and insurance regulations:

Reporting. One dashboard to track margin, patient demand, and doctor utilization.

Forecasting to help Clinics prepare for fluctuating demand, and scenarios.


@Aditya is ex-Uber, ex-Headspace Health, Waterloo eng, and repeat founder.

Aditya started a clinic at Ginger and scaled it from 0 to 100 therapists. Ginger merged with Headspace for $3B to become Headspace Health.

@Lucas is ex-Apple and ex-Yelp, Georgia Tech eng.

Lucas grew up around his dad’s mental health practice, watching him provide care for kids with autism, and those struggling with depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.


Know someone in healthcare? Please tell them about us.