🅿️PoloPay - Dynamic menus for LatAm restaurants and coffee shops

PoloPay is a dynamic menu, order and payment software for LatAm restaurants and coffee shops.


PoloPay is a dynamic menu that allows guests to order food and drinks, split, tip, and pay the bill in seconds helping LatAm restaurants and coffee shops automate manual tasks and increase sales.

🌯Founding Team

We are Aldo, Andres, and Juan, the team behind PoloPay!

Andres Richardson (CEO) is from Mexico, a Summa Cum Laude Industrial Engineer from the University of Michigan, and an ex-business consultant whose work ranges from industrial production & logistics optimization to organizational restructuring in various industries.

Juan Chomali (CTO) is from Chile, creator of Boreal, the most downloaded and used Hacker News client for iPhone in 2016 until Apple took it down, a Mechanical Engineer and Economist from the University of Michigan, PNAS Co-Author, an ex-Goldman Sachs STRATS, and started coding at the age of 12.

Aldo Piaggio (CDO) is from Honduras, an Industrial Engineer from the University of Michigan with a minor in Economics, passed the CFA Level 1, an ex-Goldman Sachs IBD analyst, designs since the age of 14, and is the third-generation of a family involved in the food & beverage industry since 1972.

👨🏼‍🍳The “Why?”

The dining experience has been the same for decades. You sit down, stare at a menu, look around wondering what others at the venue like, and a few “Uhmmm”s later, staff comes around to take an order you are still not even sure about. Splitting and paying the bill is a tedious waiting game, and tipping staff is close enough to a math exam. What could be done in a few seconds, takes several minutes.

A coffee shop is no different. Join the line and wait a few minutes until it's your turn to go “Uhmmm”, just like everyone before you. Finally you get to sit down, and start sipping. Did you just run out of that delicious matcha latte? Stand up, and wait on line again!

What’s frustrating for guests is wasteful for venues. Restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitality venues alike have seen their margins shrink well before covid, especially small and medium venues. They operate in an industry where costs are highly volatile, staff turnover rate is a staggering 75% (higher than any other industry), and guest preferences are quickly changing.

Resources are limited, especially for these venues. So how does PoloPay help?

🫗Our approach

We built an easy-to-use tool that restaurants love. PoloPay improves how teams and staff manage their menus, fulfill orders, and collect payments.

To help venues sell more, our QR codes expose guests to beautiful pictures of dishes and the perfect drink pairing. PoloPay makes it as easy as possible to order that next dirty martini while giving staff a breather during peak hours; eliminating unattended parties and decreasing checkout times to seconds. We seek to perfectly complement the warmth of hospitality.

Are costs increasing? Venues can adjust menu prices or food offerings, instantly charge for them, and forget the need to spend on reprints or waiting for new menus to arrive. PoloPay also leverages data to help capture guests' preferences, identify new areas of opportunity, and surprise guests on their next visit. Automatic language translations, powerful availability and pricing scheduling, 86-ing, and in-menu promos are a few other reasons why chefs, staff, and owners love us.

Beautiful experiences are at the core of what we build. We aim to grant guests a seamless experience and give much-needed control back to restaurant teams. We are not “X for LatAm”, we are PoloPay.

🍽️Our ask

If you, or someone you might know, manages a restaurant or coffee shop, reach out! We would love to start working with your venue and would appreciate any warm intros too. Sign up before April 1st and enjoy a 50% discount during your first two months!