Fastgen - Low-Code API and workflow builder

Fastgen is a low-code API and workflow builder with an integrated Postgres DB.


Fastgen is a low-code API and workflow builder with an integrated Postgres DB.

Our current customers use Fastgen to build backends for MVPs or internal tools and automate repetitive workflows for GTM, operations, or marketing teams.

Origin Story

This is our second YC company. With Blair (YC S19), we raised more than $100M to help students get access to education in the US. One of our constant questions was how we could move even faster. We are building Fastgen to answer that question and are building a tool we wish we had during our time at Blair.

What is Fastgen


Fastgen's API Builder enables you to quickly create any REST API by using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Our platform also includes pre-built integrations to popular tools such as Sendgrid, Slack, and Twilio and the ability to connect to any external API you need for data exchange. We launch new integrations every week to make our users’ lives even easier. Instead of spending hours integrating third-party APIs and dealing with hosting, you can drag and drop the action into an API flow and deploy it with the click of a button.


With Fastgen, you can create time-based workflows that trigger at regular intervals and event-based workflows through the same user interface as the API builder. One of the standout features of Fastgen is the flexibility to define any action in a workflow or API as a custom event, which can then be utilized as a trigger for a separate workflow.


Fastgen's integrated Postgres DB simplifies creating, reading, updating, and deleting data within your applications. You can easily build and manage your database alongside your APIs and workflows, all within one platform. If you have your own Postgres DB and don't want to use our hosted solution, Fastgen seamlessly connects to your database so you can take advantage of our platform's other features without changing your database setup.

Our ask:

  • If you want to be part of our private beta, sign up on fastgen.com
  • Mention that you saw us on Launch YC for prioritized onboarding