🔌 Nango: Get OAuth tokens for APIs. Fast & secure.

Pre-built OAuth flows & secure token management for 55+ APIs (and counting)


Pre-built OAuth flows & secure token management for 55+ APIs (and counting). 100% open source.

The problem: OAuth sucks.

OAuth is harder than it seems:

  • Every API has specific quirks & nuances - forcing you to read endless docs pages
  • OAuth libraries don’t solve redirects, adding callback endpoints, token storage, refresh logic etc.
  • When something goes wrong debugging is hard: Unspecific errors, non-compliant behaviours, missing details and a million possible root causes

On top of this, SOC 2 compliance & GDPR make storing plain-text tokens in your DB no longer a viable option.

The solution: Nango makes OAuth fast & secure.

Nango is a service that contains everything you need to work with APIs that use OAuth:

  • A full OAuth dance for 55+ APIs - no backend work needed
  • A tiny frontend SDK, with promises instead of confusing full-page redirects
  • Secure token storage, with automatic refresh as needed
  • Works with any API, programming language & framework

In your frontend easily trigger an OAuth flow with 1 line of code (full desktop & mobile support):

nango.auth('salesforce', '<user-id>'); // Opens a modal for OAuth dance

Then get always fresh access tokens in your backend:

let accessToken = nango.getToken('salesforce', '<user-id>'); // Refreshed & ready

That’s it.

Trusted in production, by startups and established companies

Nango is used in production by companies like Typeform, Crowd.dev, AppraisalInbox, Trigger.dev (YC W23), Blocktool (YC W23) and others.

Try it in 5 minutes

Nango is easy to try on your local machine (open source) or with our cloud option: