Rainmaker - DeFi for everyone

We’ve built the best crypto wallet for the next generation of DeFi, removing unnecessary technical nuances and simplifying complex concepts.

The Overview

Rainmaker is the fastest, simplest way to invest in and manage DeFi positions. Our mobile-first, account abstraction based crypto wallet enables 1-click, gas-less entry into advanced investment strategies.

The Team

Brent and Carlos are DeFi veterans with over a decade of experience building crypto and consumer products.

Brent was previously the VP of engineering at Hashflow where he scaled trading volume from under $200M/yr to over $12B/yr. Carlos previously led Consumer Growth at LinkedIn Learning where he added over $14M in revenue in under two years.

Outside of their previous employment both Brent and Carlos have been building automated systems for personal DeFi investing for years, working on everything from arbitrage to MEV.

As the founders built more and more custom software to facilitate trading, they came to the realization that all of this software should be packaged together and made more accessible to a wider range of users. Ultimately this became Rainmaker.

The Problem

While owning tokens like BTC and ETH has become common, putting these tokens to use via DeFi remains prohibitively difficult for most people due to the complexity of the tooling and ecosystems. As a result, people leave money on the table, or worse, mismanage their investments and lose money.

We think about the complexity of investing in DeFi in three parts:

  1. Setup, tooling, and education.
  2. On-ramping
  3. Investing

Investing in DeFi starts with basic wallet setup which comes with a learning curve too steep for most. Users need to navigate seed phrases, security hygiene, fiat onramps, gas fees, token allowances, and so much more.

If a user is motivated enough to make it past setup and funding, it’s still difficult to securely discover, enter, and manage complex DeFi strategies. Users often accidentally take on positions with unclear risk, sacrifice security and decentralization for convenience, or just hold tokens without earning any yield.

Ultimately the goal of investors is to execute on their investing thesis, and the complexities of the tooling and protocol interactions have merely been “part of the process”.

The Product

Rainmaker is an account-abstraction-based mobile crypto wallet that reduces the lengthy and complex process of investing in DeFi to just a few taps. What used to take hours of work and months of research now takes seconds.


We leverage MPC and smart contracts to allow users to safely self-custody funds with just an email login. Instant onramps enable users to go straight from their bank accounts to DeFi.

While simple onboarding is critical to help more users feel comfortable interacting with DeFi, Rainmaker’s real magic is how we leverage account abstraction to create the world's best DeFi integrations.

Native integrations with top protocols like Lido, Stargate, Synapse, Vector, and many more allow users to enter and exit DeFi strategies with one-click and no gas fees.

Position automations precisely track key metrics like gains/losses, rewards collected/expected, and changes in underlying risk (TVL, unique wallets connect, APY variance) all while regularly compounding rewards for maximum capital efficiency.

Rainmaker takes seconds to set up and is available across iOS, Android, and web.

The Ask

If you’re a DeFi investor, we’d love to hear about the strategies you’re currently leveraging or are interested in!

You can schedule a call with us or email us at founders@rainmaker.nyc.

Check us out at: https://www.rainmaker.nyc