📬 Stable: A virtual business address & mailbox (now live in Texas and Florida)

Stable provides a business address & virtual mailbox that can be used with the IRS, government entities, banks, and more.

👋 Hey YC!

Sarah here — I’m a co-founder at Stable, and we provide companies with a business address and virtual mailbox so they can manage their mail online.

Today we’re thrilled to share that we’ve launched in Texas and Florida (+ with a special deal)!

📬 About Stable

We launched Stable in the middle of the pandemic when companies were shutting down offices and going fully remote but still needed a physical address to use with the government, IRS, banks, and other vendors.

But after working with more than 1400 companies like Jeeves, Indiegogo, and Airbyte, we’ve realized that no one likes managing physical mail – whether they’re remote or working out of an office.

So in addition to helping companies open, view, forward and shred mail online, we’ve built features that save companies dozens of hours every month – from startups that just need a business address to incorporate to growth stage businesses processing 1000s of pieces of mail a month.

Here’s what we’ve launched recently.

  • Search across all mail by sender, receiver, or anything on the envelope
  • Auto-scan received mail & auto-deposit checks
  • Get notified when mail is assigned to you or your department
  • Auto-route mail to the right department
  • Control mail access with roles and permissions

Now, we're excited to be able to help even more companies by launching Stable in two highly-requested locations – Texas and Florida!

💰 Special Deal

Get a $25 monthly discount ($300 annual) when you sign up for an address in Texas or Florida with the code “texas” or “florida”.

You can get your address set up in less than 3 minutes here.

If you’d like to learn more or have questions, leave a comment, check out our website, or shoot us an email at hello@useStable.com.