Superpowered - The AI copilot for your meetings

No bots. No recordings. Just really good notes.

Hey Launch YC,

In 2021, we launched Superpowered as the best way to join your meetings. After three years of building and learning, we found a bigger challenge with meetings: Being present in the conversation while taking notes. Today, we’re launching Superpowered AI Notes ⚡️


It’s hard to write notes while you’re talking. And, other solutions like Otter and Fireflies send bots to your calls.


A bot-free AI Notes product.

🔥 It's good enough to replace your note-taking. You can use AI Templates to adapt the notes to your format and style.

🤖 No bots in your meetings. Superpowered takes the audio directly from your device, so you can take notes without sending intrusive recording bots into Zoom and Google Meet calls.

🔒 No audio, video, or transcripts stored. Audio is transcribed live and deleted immediately. Similarly, transcripts are removed shortly after processing.

Superpowered comes with an absolutely free trial, supporting every video conferencing client on both Mac (Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

You can check us out at superpowered.me

We're grateful your support and can't wait for you to try Superpowered AI Notes 🫶

Let us know what you think. We’re at team@superpowered.me and I’m at nikhil@superpowered.me.


P.S. my cofounder Jordan recorded a great video of our 3 year journey. There is an abbreviated version on Product Hunt. But, here's the full version for y'all.

P.P.S. We're also live on Product Hunt. Would appreciate your support there, too.