Flint: Copilot for K-12 teachers 🪨💥🔥

Flint saves teachers 10+ hours per week in creating and differentiating classroom content

TLDR: Flint lets teachers create classroom activities, worksheets, quizzes, and handouts in seconds with AI. Share Flint with a teacher in your life to save them 10+ hours week: http://flintk12.com/

Teachers are increasingly overworked and ridiculously underserved. Flint aims to change that by creating AI tools built from the ground up with one goal in mind: helping teachers (demo video).

With Flint, K-12 teachers can…

create content in seconds,

differentiate to student needs,

and align to curriculum standards.

All supercharged with AI.

We’re Jinseo (left) and Sohan (right). We previously built a startup in the video chat space during the pandemic, and are now excited to be working with K-12 teachers!

Our ask — share Flint with a teacher that you know! Send them our website (http://flintk12.com/) or intro us via email (sohan@flintk12.com). Our only goal is to create a product that teachers love!

And, if you’re feeling generous, follow our journey on Twitter and LinkedIn ❤️