Nohooks: Webhooks for platforms without webhooks

Receive real-time notifications of events from supported apps like Notion, Render and Digital Ocean. Powered by Convoy.

Today, we are excited to share our new tool: nohooks.io. Nohooks is a service that offers webhooks functionality even on platforms that do not have native webhooks support. With Nohooks, developers can receive real-time notifications of events from the list of supported apps (DigitalOcean, Notion and Render as of this launch).

Webhooks are a way for one application to notify another application when a specific event happens. By setting up a webhook, developers can receive real-time updates whenever a user takes a specific action, such as deploying a new service or adding a new contact to your CRM. However, not all platforms support webhooks, which can be a problem for developers who need to receive real-time updates.

Nohooks solves this problem by acting as an intelligent polling system, that retrieves resources from the public API of these apps, determines whether there was an update and generates a webhook event depending on the type of update. It uses Convoy to power its webhooks delivery and debugging dashboard.

With Nohooks, you can link multiple Render accounts and Notion workspaces and multiple destination endpoints as well. To get started, create an account here, and watch this demo video to learn how to set up your account to receive events.

Use Cases

  1. With Render webhook events, you can hook into the lifecycle of your services and service deployments to perform post-deployment actions, trigger continuous delivery pipelines etc.
  2. With Notion webhook events, you can sync any Notion Database to Airtable, Mailchimp, Intercom, or any CRM you choose. You can sync Notion Events to anything like Zapier or Trigger.dev for any kind of automation you desire.
  3. With DigitalOcean webhook events, you can into the lifecycle of your droplets to carry out post-deployment automation similar to Render. We plan to support many more resources in DigitalOcean in subsequent releases.

That’s it, friends, go and automate. We can’t wait to see what you build with this!

If you need any help or want to see us support new services, you can email us at support@nohooks.io or join our Slack Community to ask questions.