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Easily segment, score and route leads to turn pipeline into revenue


Cargo is the first revenue architecture built for modern teams. We help revenue teams to access their company data and automate their sales operations. We provide a headless interface to enable them to easily segment, score and route leads to turn pipeline into revenue.

Salut 🇫🇷, we are Aurelien and Max, 2 passionated people about data and go-to-market with more than 10+ experience. We previously met at Spendesk where we used to built together the revenue engine in house, feeding more than 200 sales on autopilot, in our 3 different markets and bringing the meeting booked rate from 5% to 15%.

All in one CRM are dead

Over the past years, the number of tools used by revenue teams have increased significantly. Sales/marketing/finance data and workflows exist in disparate systems and share different definitions.

5 years ago, companies started to invest a lot in data tools (like Dagster, reverseETL, DBT) to consolidate these fragmented data and build their revenue source of truth in Snowflake instead of Salesforce.

However, the modern data stack has made revenue teams more than ever dependent from data teams. This ended up creating too technical and unmaintainable revenue workflows.

Today, and especially in this downturn period, companies are looking do more with less. The future belongs to compounds softwares. RevOps teams need to unify their operations in one place without compromising the flexibility.

The opportunity

In today’s reality, 80% of SaaS companies offer a sales-driven customer approach. Even with the new hype of PLG as a GTM motion, there is more than never a need to prioritize on which accounts the sales reps should focus their energy.

Current systems don’t solve marketing and sales alignment

For years, the alignment of sales and marketing has been somewhat of a mythical beast in the business world, eluding even the best of us. Companies still have disparate data leading to disconnected customer journeys. Cargo serves as the glue between your revenue stack, so you can easily orchestrate Allbound strategy (ie: coupling inbound & outbound approaches).

Current systems don’t make sales rep more efficient

Sales spend only 1/3 of their time selling: the Salesforce State of Sales 5th edition study reveals that Sales reps spend only 28% of their week actually selling. This is a sobering statistic in an era where AI and automation are advancing at a rapid pace. Cargo automates the entire pre-sales journey (waterfall enrichment, data verification, lead prioritization, account assignment & routing to sales sequences + write AI powered sales notes to let sales reps drive meaningful conversation with prospects) and follow the boom of revenue operations.

The revenue operations market is considered currently as the fastest growing market and is projected to be multiplied by 3 in 2028.

The solution

We designed Cargo by getting the most out of unbundling and bundling architectures. Cargo sits directly on top of your company data. We built a set of features to allow revOps teams to easily manage their revenue data & workflows.

Setup your system of record

Keep the control and flexibility of your data. Your data warehouse is used as the backend of Cargo and data are never stored on our side. Easily leverage the data models built by your data teams and connect them to your revenue sources.

Define your business entities

Be versatile by defining the entities that make sense for your business or use cases. PLG or SLG, Inbound or Outbound, Fintech or Ecommerce, …

Create your segments

Create segments without writing any lines of SQL

Build and deploy your workflows

Orchestrate your prospect and customer journeys to systematize your sales process and ensure sales reps are loaded up with qualified accounts at scale.


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