🔎 Contour - Deploy automated E2E tests with no-code ⚡️

Generate and execute E2E tests with simple natural language prompts.

TL;DR: Contour makes it easy to deploy and maintain E2E tests with simple natural language prompts. Our data-driven agents intelligently execute UI paths to reduce flakiness and save engineers and QA teams time.

Hey everyone! We’re Arvind Subramanian (left) and Vamsi Saladi (right) from Contour, and we’re on a mission to make testing as easy as possible.

❌ The Problem

Designing and maintaining E2E tests is a massive pain, and changes to the UI often break the testing suite. As your product evolves, maintaining your testing suite becomes more expensive than the value it provides.

⚡️ Why is Contour different?

Why do all of this in Cypress:

When you can do this instead in Contour:

⚙️ How Contour works

For the first time, you can: write a single command to create a new automated UI test without wrangling hundreds of lines of code or designing custom UI flows by hand.

Here’s what Contour does for you:

Input a prompt and generate a new test for your UI

As your UI updates and tests break, it auto-triages and suggests an updated script

Monitor the status of your tests

📌 Why we built Contour

Both Vamsi and I know the pain of E2E testing firsthand. We’ve released products without running smoke tests, and everything breaks. Those brave souls that maintain a testing suite have to manually code each test, which often break as soon as the product is updated.

We strongly believe that testing your product should not be this hard! Not only should testing be integral to every product and company, it should be quick, painless, and robust.

💜 Our Ask

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Arvind & Vamsi