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We are building the easiest way ever to program robots!

Orangewood builds robotic arms that can be programmed with a natural language text or voice prompt, making it 1000x easier for anybody to program a robot. We’re the first company in the world to commercialize generative AI for robotic arms!

We’ve built the most affordable robotic arms in the world and now we have the easiest ones to program as well!

Hi YC! We’re Abhinav Das, Aditya Bhatia, and Akash Bansal, the founders of Orangewood Labs.

Opportunity: Making everyone on the planet a robot programmer!

Robots have historically been inaccessible to most small businesses and everyday people. This is because the cost was too high and it was difficult to program them. For small businesses in particular, if these challenges are overcome - it can drastically reduce manufacturing costs by more than 10x! RoboGPT allows small businesses to modify assembly and processing lines within minutes.

Problem: Programming robots is time-consuming and not accessible

Robotic arms have been traditionally hard to program. Any change in environment or conditions requires reprogramming. For example, if you wanted to pick a red triangle instead of a blue square it would take time to make that change. The programming model for robotic arms has not seen any upgrades despite the massive advancements in many areas of machine learning especially in computer vision.

Solution: RoboGPT!

We are changing that with RoboGPT. We have invented a cognitive programming framework that allows domain experts (and/or factory floor workers) to verbally/text program any use case with a robotic arm. All edge cases, including safety, are automatically taken care of by the system. The system is architected to be adaptive, can be taught, and continuously learns about its environment. Our demos look like sci-fi, and with RoboGPT we can cut down programming times from tens of hours to a few seconds.

Here is a pick-and-place demo: RoboGPT Demo

How you can help:

We aim to democratize robots for all, and to do this we’d greatly appreciate introductions to the following kinds of people:

  • Investors who actually believe in a robot-led future
  • talented engineers looking to work in robotics
  • system integrators
  • customers (small business owners: food, manufacturing, photographers, etc.)

Industrial applications are just our first use case. We have more updates coming in the next few weeks! Feel free to reach out to us with thoughts, questions, and feedback.

Reach out at founders@orangewood.co, (310) 658-2456, Twitter.

We’d love to invite you to our office in San Francisco for lunch and a demo!

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Abhinav, Aditya, & Akash