🧠 Zoko: Unleash AI inside your WhatsApp Business number

A legion of untiring sales agents, powered by ChatGPT

Hi YC! This is Aromal and Arjun, the founders of ZOKO.
Zoko (https://www.zoko.io/) now lets ecommerce merchants add a fully-functioning sales agent to their WhatsApp Business number in a few minutes.

Here’s a video of how it works

Who is it for
We are building this for the 200M monthly active businesses on WhatsApp. Most business today, use WhatsApp as fancy SMS - i.e. for sending out marketing blasts. They don’t have a way to scale sales inside WhatsApp.

Our Backstory
🤔 We started off with an ecommerce business, entirely on WhatsApp, which grew to a customer base of 200K followers on Facebook, who would make purchases after seeing our weekly product drops on WhatsApp.
Other businesses started reaching out to us, offering to pay for our "WhatsApp sales tools". That was the Aha moment! We realized that selling these tools to other businesses, was the way to go and launched a SaaS business. Through the good grace of a lot of people helping us along the way - we got paying customers, investors, even YC and making millions in revenue profitably! yay!

Wanna play with it?
Sure! Open this link in WhatsApp https://wa.me/c/918849966041
(If you have WhatsApp Pay add the 1 INR product and make a real payment to get the full experience)

We are very open to feedback and have thick skins. Feel free to reach out to any of us with feedback, questions, etc. Email founders@zoko.io or whatsapp me directly wa.me/919108281134

Thanks for reading about us. We are looking to connect with ecommerce brands in WhatsApp dominated markets - India, Middle East, Western Europe and South America. If you are one or know of brands that would love to scale-up sales on WhatsApp, please get in touch with us at founders@zoko.io, thanks :)