Sweetspot | AI-powered search engine for government contracts 🔍

Sweetspot connects your business to all available and relevant government contracts in just seconds.


Sweetspot is an AI-powered search engine for businesses that bid on government contracts. Businesses can leverage Sweetspot to find relevant contracts in just seconds, instead of spending hours digging through SAM.gov.

👬 The Team

Hey everyone! We’re Sachin and Philip, the team building Sweetspot. Philip and I have known each other since freshman year of college. Since then, we’ve competed in a number of hackathons and even worked together at Coinbase prior to embarking on our startup journey! We came to work on this idea after we talked to our friend working at a real estate firm. His job was to find relevant federal real-estate contracts all day and he hated it due to the poor searching experience. Then, a lightbulb went off in our heads.

😵‍💫 The Problem

Finding government contracts on SAM.gov is a nightmare, especially for small businesses. The current system is cluttered, hard to navigate, and relies heavily on keyword search, which often leads to irrelevant results - discouraging small businesses looking for contract opportunities. The clunky UI adds another layer of complexity, creating an overall frustrating experience.

Imagine you’re part of a landscaping company just getting into contract bidding. Just look at how poor a simple search for “lawn care” contracts on SAM.gov is:

💡 The Solution

Sweetspot utilizes a combination of semantic and lexical search to streamline the process of searching for government contracts. Businesses can now find various relevant opportunities with just one query, eliminating the need for multiple keyword searches to do hours-long research.

Imagine you’re part of an upstart landscaping company (again). Look how many more relevant contracts you find in under a second for querying “lawn care”using Sweetspot:

🔮 The Future

  • Automating queries so you get alerts every time a new contract drops
  • Expanding our dataset to include state and local contracts
  • Adding filters for more granular results
  • Adding lists to better manage your contracts you want to bid on
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics for contracts
  • AI proposal writing to help you draft responses to RFPs

🙏 Our Asks

  • Drop us a follow on LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Introductions to anybody with experience bidding on government contracts.
  • If you’re in the government contracting space or know any friends who may be interested, check out our website and book a demo here.