📌 Pincites: AI-powered contract negotiation

Close deals faster with AI for contract negotiation

Hello! We’re Sona, Mariam, and Grey—a team of attorneys, security experts, and AI specialists. We’re on a mission to speed up contract negotiation.


  • Sales negotiations get bottlenecked on legal review. Sales teams must pause deals while they wait for legal teams to redline and finalize customer agreements.
  • Unfriendly terms slip through the cracks. Legal teams can’t ensure that contracts align with company standards and minimize risk when working under time pressure.
  • Nonstandard language makes understanding your contracts hard. Lawyers can phrase the same idea in thousands of different ways. At scale, it's difficult to track contract details and negotiation outcomes.

💡 Our solution

  • A Word add-in that ensures guidance is available where and when it's needed. Using the latest large language models, Pincites allows legal teams to build contract playbooks that any internal team can apply consistently within Microsoft Word using our Word add-in.
  • An AI-powered onboarding flow that turns existing contracts into playbooks. Simply upload your template, add guidance, and begin redlining. Unlike previous legal tech, manual tagging or model training is unnecessary because Pincites tags clauses based on their semantic meaning.

How we help

  • Amplify your legal team’s impact. Our AI solution surfaces relevant guidance for all teams to quickly review and negotiate contracts using their companies' approved terms. Non-legal teams can securely process contracts, while freeing up legal teams to focus on more critical matters.
  • Flags key risks for review. Pincites highlights deviations from your standard language and missing clauses in your contracts. We compare each clause to your standard language, providing insights on variations and associated risk levels. We offer guidance for each variation, ensuring you can align on the right language and conveniently access relevant guidance as you work.
  • Standardize contracting language and processes. Pincites serves as a central place for legal teams to define standard guidance that is then embedded in Microsoft Word for easy access by any internal team.

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