Metoro: Debug production systems faster with AI

Metoro surfaces relevant metrics and logs, performs root cause analysis and suggests remediations

tl;dr: Metoro is an AI agent which helps you debug production systems. Ask Metoro for help and it will surface relevant metrics and logs, perform root cause analysis and suggest remediations. It plugs into your existing observability stack (like DataDog, Grafana, Elastic, etc.) and debugs your system with you.

Hi everyone! We’re Chris and Tom, the team behind Metoro. We’re software engineers who have worked on complex distributed systems at Palantir and Jump Trading and are building the debugging tool we wish we had.

The Problem: Debugging production systems is hard

Production systems are complex. It’s difficult to identify the metrics and logs that are relevant to the bug you’re hunting. This problem gets worse if you didn't write the code in the first place, or are unfamiliar with the system.

The Solution: An interactive debugging agent that investigates with you

Metoro acts like an experienced engineer. It understands your system and debugs your services one by one, updating its hypothesis as it discovers new information.

When it’s done, the investigation results are presented to you in an interactive dashboard for you to explore. This includes a root cause hypothesis, potential remediations and relevant logs and metrics for each service it looked at.

Metoro reads data from your existing observability stack. No application or infra changes needed.

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