🤖 Sola - Build AI agents in copilot

Meet Sola, your co-pilot for Robotic Process Automation!

tl;dr: Sola is copilot for Robotic Process Automation. We help automation-minded teams visually script bots that emulate human behavior to automate data entry, scraping, and filing flows using LLMs and computer vision.

Hey everyone! We’re Jess and Neil, the founders of Sola.

Consider a scenario: A manual, repetitive workflow demands that you extract information from a customer ticket, use this to lodge a legal application within their respective state, and then retain and store the resulting confirmation details.

Developing engineering solutions for such workflow automation often brings unexpected overhead:

  • Engineers must map all error paths before deployment, often necessitating weeks or even months of rigorous testing, with frequent reengineering required as elements evolve — what happens when the government filing sites crash or change?
  • Continued investment in monitoring is crucial to maintain a working solution.
  • Increasingly tight security measures in browser and desktop applications make request-based automation increasingly challenging.

Considering these challenges in our scenario of building out the state-specific application processes, it makes more sense to automate from a client-side perspective.

However, existing process automation solutions are reliant on integrations, non-generalizable, not self-healing, and often tough to use…

The Solution 🦾

Now, imagine going from a screen recording to a process-automating bot in seconds! Sola RPA can do exactly this, empowering a future where data entry, scraping, and filing tasks are no longer a hassle, but handled efficiently by agents and citizen developers. Structured as a co-pilot tool, Sola bots are seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow, learning new branches and behavior automatically!

With the above scenario, internal tooling teams are able to now immediately deploy bots for each state-specific filing workflow, where the bot learns automatically from the human stepping in as it runs into errors.

Using state-of-the-art AI and computer vision, our tooling makes it easy for companies to automate data entry/scraping in legal, financial, and healthcare flows. We’ve built our tool with intuitive usability at its core, allowing users to visually script bots in a Figma-esque workflow that can extrapolate to new data (think Excel macros, but generalized)!

Check out some of our case studies! For example,

The Team

Jess and Neil have been best friends since their freshman year at MIT, and have worked together a ton even before Sola.

Neil has researched CV and LLMs while studying CS at MIT (at the MIT-IBM Watson + Quest for Intelligence Labs) focusing on multimodal RL models, and built out ML at startups in areas including computational biology, fraud detection, healthcare, and agriculture.

Jess has studied math and CS at MIT, most recently having spent her time working in finance (at Citadel Securities, Goldentree AM, Thrive Capital, and some other hedge funds), and she’s also worked on startups in med-tech, fashion, and crypto, doing a mix of design work and engineering.

Drawing from their wealth of experience in AI research, engineering, and design, as well as first-hand frustration with repetitive workflows in finance and healthcare, they’re on a mission to tackle the challenge of solving tedious flows in an intuitive way!

The Ask

We’d love to help automate your workflows!

If you’re a company thinking about robotic process automation or manual outsourcing as you scale, reach out to founders@sola-solutions.com and we’d love to chat about working together, as we onboard a limited number of design partners early on! :)