Egress: AI Layer for Company Data

Put your data to work; no data team required


Egress is the AI layer for company data. We help our users transform and take action on data in their warehouse or database without writing a line of SQL.


A strong central data team is an unfair advantage for successful companies like Airbnb and Uber. But more often the data team is drowning in requests (or there is no data team at all!). These bottlenecks prevent stakeholders from accessing the quantitative information they need to be informed and take action.


Egress is a tool that helps non-technical users transform data, then take action on it. Users specify sources, describe the table they want to see created, and have SQL code generated for them. They can review the output in our editor.

Once a table is created, teams can operationalize their data. For example, an AE could create a table of users nearing plan limits and automate personalized outreach using our integration with their email API.


We are Alex and Matt. We met at Harvard, where we recently finished our bachelor’s degrees. During school, Alex worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, and as a data engineer at a consultancy. Matt worked at Pear VC in venture.

The Ask:

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