Instant Datasets — Production data for development

The easiest way to develop with production data

At Release we help “virtualize” your environment, so you can quickly reproduce it for various purposes: remote development, testing, staging, or even running production. Our platform serves as a one-stop shop for all of your environment requirements. We have taken our most popular feature and are now offering it as a stand-alone product for free!

⚡️Instant Datasets is one of the most popular features of the Release platform because we make the management of pools of data easy. Release’s Instant Datasets workflow means you don’t need to worry about managing the creation of databases from snapshots. As new snapshots arrive they will automatically be incorporated in your dataset. Instant Datasets allows you to easily create multiple pools of datasets and distribute them to your teams and it cleans 🧹 up after itself.

Using the built-in replication functionality of services like RDS, Instant Data sets creates pools of databases for use wherever production data is needed.

📀 Data is one of the most important aspects of any environment. Without real data to support it, the code or running containers lose much of their usefulness. Often, the complexities and burden of distributing production or production-like data is an “exercise left to the reader” when looking for providers of environments or a development platform as a service. Your ephemeral environments are only as good as your data! At Release we built a version of Instant Datasets, day 1 for this very reason. We are now making it available as a stand-alone product for you to incorporate into any local development process, ci/cd pipeline, etc!

Dataset with one in use, one starting up, and one available for someone to use

Setting up and using Instant Datasets is super simple:

Create a Release Instant Datasets account here

Create a cloud integration

Cloud Integrations are how Release talks to your cloud provider on your behalf

Create a dataset

Release lets you control cost, security and performance of you dataset

🏁 Checkout a database and use it in your environment for as long as you need it

Release provides you with everything you need to connect to your dataset

We wrote a 🚀 quick-start guide and made a 👣 walkthrough video to help you get started.

❓ Although the standalone Instant Datasets has a few limitations compared to the Release platform version, we are actively working on resolving them in the upcoming weeks. Currently, we support RDS and Aurora in AWS, with Google Cloud support coming soon. Additionally, we will be adding the capability to pause databases on a schedule to save resources and money, as well as the ability to cleanse production data before creating a pool of databases. All of these features exist in the Release platform and are being added to the stand-alone product currently.

Our Ask 🙏

Please give Instant Datasets a try! Our customers, as well as the team at Release, have found it incredibly valuable to build and test with production-like data. In fact, it's how we develop all our products, including Release. From the very beginning, we recognized the importance of having production-like data to create the best possible development platform. We would love your feedback. We hope you enjoy using Instant Datasets too! ❤️

— The Release Team