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Dioxus Labs - Web, Desktop, and Mobile apps with one codebase

We make it easy for developers to build apps that run anywhere

tldr; Dioxus Labs makes it easy for developers to write an app once and run it on nearly any platform. Our open-source Rust library has over 10,000 stars on GitHub and is used by Airbus, the European Space Agency, and Huawei.

Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan Kelley, the solo founder behind Dioxus Labs. A year ago, Dioxus was just a college side project. Now, it’s my full-time job, used by some of the world’s top companies. Before Dioxus, I worked at Cloudflare, interned at NASA, and researched plasma physics.

🥊 Building apps can be really hard

Building apps can be challenging. App developers must navigate a complicated maze of tooling, libraries, and programming languages. Building an app that works on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows is out of reach for many developers.

Small teams especially struggle with shipping cross-platform apps:

  • Few developers know Mobile, Desktop, and Web development
  • There are hundreds of different tools to learn
  • Current solutions are missing major features
  • It’s really easy to build slow apps

None of the leading options like React Native, Flutter, Electron, or native make it easy for a small team to ship cross-platform apps quickly.

✨ How do we make it easy?

With Dioxus, developers can write their app once and then ship it to users on the web, desktop, and mobile. Instead of learning dozens of different technologies like backend, frontend, and mobile, app developers only need to learn Dioxus to build and ship their app.

Developers build their apps in Rust with a React-like syntax and style their apps with HTML and CSS, making the onboarding from web development simple.

The project is entirely open source and written in Rust: developers’ most loved programming language.

In the future, Dioxus Labs will provide a paid deployment platform that helps developers deploy and scale their Dioxus apps to their users.

🚀 Is it working?

The past year has been great - the library has grown to almost 10k GitHub stars, 60k downloads, and companies like Huawei shipping production apps with Dioxus.

Airbus and the European Space Agency are building a collision avoidance system:

Satellite.im is building a peer-to-peer Discord competitor:

A community member is building a beautiful Mastadon client:

🤝 How can you help?

We’re hard at work building a deploy platform for Dioxus. In the meantime, we’d love your support:

  • Star us on GitHub
  • Try out Dioxus for your next idea or internal tool
  • Recommend a great Rust engineer who might be interested in working at Dioxus Labs

We’re around in our community Discord, but feel free to reach out directly if this is at all interesting to you.