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Inventive AI: Automate responses to sales information requests with AI

Generate reliable and accurate responses to security reviews, RFPs, DDQs, and RFIs and lower your time-to-revenue.

TL;DR: Sales information requests are an important part of most sales deals. But they are long and tedious to complete accurately and need repeated involvement from senior team members. Inventive AI automates this process using AI. Our platform natively manages the fidelity of each response by providing sources, a confidence rating and automatically flagging stale content.

Problem ⚠️

A sales information request like a security questionnaire, RFI, DDQ and RFP is an important step to complete in every sales deal. Each one’s a grind though! A typical sales questionnaire has an average of 77 questions and the average time to complete one is 32 human hours.

  • Coordinating the completion of a sales information request usually takes days to weeks depending on the complexity. Dhiren faced this challenge with his sales team at Viewics where they had momentum in the sales motion but they knew that this step would slow down time to revenue. No one person has the answers to all the questions which makes it challenging to search for answers in a knowledge base or chase down answers from the SMEs who are senior team members → and busy with their day job!
  • If an answer is found in a knowledge base, it’s difficult for the coordinator to ascertain if the content is current or obsolete. Inevitably, this uncertainty leads to a senior team member having to validate the answer. Result → Slows down the sales motion!

Our Solution 👋

The Inventive AI platform automates drafting responses that can be trusted and does so in a fraction of the time compared to the current process. We do this by:

  • Generating responses grounded in facts: We use your previous responses and connect to company knowledge bases to generate a response. For each answer, we include easily accessible citations to the sources used to generate the answer.
  • Creating a Confidence Rating: We generate a confidence rating for each answer and automatically flag answers that need review.
  • Detecting Stale Content: We automatically flag content that could be obsolete and thereby inaccurate.
  • Creating compelling answers: You have control over the tone of the answers while keeping the facts intact.

Our goal is that you only have to verify responses, not create them from scratch for every sales information request. Most existing SaaS tools cater to streamlining the process of response creation. With our AI native solution, our customers only verify flagged answers while we do the heavy lifting of generating an accurate response to each question.

Team 🍻

We are an SF Bay Area native team who met through our friend’s circle and hit it off on our love and passion for AI & building businesses.

Dhiren previously founded and led Viewics (series-B, acquired by Roche), a SaaS company in healthcare analytics that managed data for 100Mn+ patients across customers like Mayo Clinic, University Hospitals, and Children’s Hospitals.

Gaurav was a product manager at Google AI and Google Brain and led go-to-market for the LLM platform - LaMDA - which eventually ended up powering Google Bard v1.

Vishakh led mission-critical Machine Learning efforts at Ambient AI (YC17, A16z) and has authored a book on Deep Learning. He has a Masters's in ML from Stanford.

Waffle is a world leader in sniffing for treats and cheering us up on hard days. She is our (non-AI) Happiness Agent.

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