Shasta Health

Shasta Health 🌄 - Hybrid care for muscle and joint pain

We combine expert physical therapists with AI care programs


Shasta Health‘s AI Platform provides muscle and joint pain relief from home at ¼ the cost of traditional physical therapy. We combine computer-vision based care programs with expert physical therapists to deliver personalized care at scale. For providers, our platform automates patient acquisition, documentation and billing so they earn 3x more than at a big clinic.

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The Problem

We’ve talked to hundreds of PTs over the last few months who are burned out and looking to leave their profession. Existing digital MSK solutions are not personalized and only accessible through employer plans.

  1. Physical therapists (PTs) only keep 25% of the revenue they generate for their clinics. To earn enough money, they have to see more than 20 patients per day, spending less than 15 minutes with each one.
  2. This leads to low patient satisfaction. Patients waste 5 hours of time in the clinic and spend $90 in co-pays in a typical week. Only 30% actually finish their full plan of care with the top complaint being lack of time and motivation.
  3. Low adherence means the only alternatives are turning to opioids or surgery. This drives over $600 billion in annual healthcare spend on MSK conditions.

The Solution

Shasta Health provides integrated muscle and joint pain relief at home, combining expert care from PTs with AI tools to improve care plan adherence. Here is what happens when you come to Shasta Health:

  1. You fill out a secure intake powered by an language model + computer-vision with your symptoms. We use this to match you with the right physical therapist and automatically generate documentation on the backend.

  2. You meet with your physical therapist in an hour-long 1:1 or group session. The PT already knows your history and evaluates you over video using our computer-vision based tools. They also teach you exercises to relieve the pain.

  3. After the appointment, we generate a personalized care plan based on the provider’s notes. We track your progress daily and provide real-time feedback using computer-vision during the exercises

Who are we?

We’ve been friends and working together for over a decade - starting with a middle school robotics team in Pransu’s garage in Cupertino. We are advised by Dr. Ayoosh Pareek (Orthopedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery) and Dr. Laurel Mines (PT, DPT, Owner of Bay Laurel Athletics).

Srinjoy was previously a Senior Engineer at Microsoft, where he led computer-vision projects on the HoloLens AR headset for healthcare companies. Pransu built medical billing software at Athelas (YC16), led an engineering team at Cockroach Labs, and brings research experience in telehealth privacy from UC Berkeley.

We reconnected after Srinjoy moved back to the Bay Area to take care of a family member with a critical medical condition. He spent most of last year in numerous PT appointments and grew frustrated with the broken system. We teamed up and started Shasta Health to improve the delivery of hybrid care for MSK conditions.


  1. Do you have any muscle or joint pain? Sign up for an 1:1 or group session with an expert PT to try out the experience for yourself (no referral required). We’ve run several successful group sessions with YC founders already. Sign up here
  2. Do you have any contacts at health systems / hospitals / payers? We would appreciate any intros as we try to scale up our patient acquisition channels (email founders@shasta.health)
  3. Do you know any physical therapists that are interested in contract positions or going independent? We would love to talk to them as we scale our provider network