CodeStory ✨ is an AI-powered mod of VSCode.

CodeStory is a full-blown AI-powered IDE built to tackle any complex task, so you can accomplish your goals faster.

TLDR: CodeStory ✨ is an IDE for engineers of the future. CodeStory enables deep integration for AI assistants with your development environment, so your pair programmer can complete complex tasks and get it right.

The problem ⚙️

As programmers, we like to break down our tasks into small chunks that can be executed independently. Consider the simple task of adding a widget to show sales numbers on your website which can involve multiple steps:

  • Database queries to fetch the data on the backend
  • Exposing an API route to make the data available for the frontend
  • Frontend UI and API integration to complete the task

Even within a single codebase, such a task requires finding and making the right changes in multiple parts and connecting them together. Though this can be done independently and in parallel, there is only so much an engineer can do at a time.

We thus decided to build CodeStory, a next-generation code editor that is AI-first, where humans assist powerful AI agents instead of the other way around! We have started with a VSCode extension in order to prototype the capabilities.

Watch CodeStory debug and build itself! 🤯

It would be a shame if CodeStory couldn’t debug or build itself... so we put it to work!

Here we asked CodeStory to do proper dependency injection (you can see it using references, searching for symbols using ripgrep and cmd+click on a symbol like a true programmer!)


In the following video, we asked CodeStory to fix an annoying bug with a race condition happening in our async codebase and write a test to make sure the issue does not repeat again.


How we are solving it? ✨

To be effective as software engineers, we need access to tools. We realized early on that even our editor is full of features that aid in writing code and debugging it.

To make CodeStory effective as an engineer, we gave it the following powers 🔋:

  • Language Server integration 📝
    • CodeStory can ask for references of a symbol or cmd+click to a symbol to investigate more
  • Terminal access 🖥️
    • CodeStory can freely run commands on the terminal when required in a sandbox environment.
  • Code Graph of the whole codebase 〽️
    • CodeStory knows how different classes and modules are linked to each other, so it can search your whole codebase semantically (both natural language)

The future 📡

We love AI-powered development and envision a future where humans are gluing AI agents to work together.

The team 👥

Hi all! We are Naresh and Sandeep, co-founders of CodeStory.ai and close friends for over a decade. We met in our freshman year at University and since then Sandeep worked as Tech leads for Testing Infrastructure at Meta and building out devtooling for engineers, and founding engineers at startups (YC backed!) and fintech.

Our ask 🙏

We are currently on-boarding users for CodeStory slowly to gather detailed feedback. If you’d love to try CodeStory, we are active on discord or twitter, and would be happy to help you onboard and answer any questions.

You can also reach out to us directly at founders@codestory.ai to talk more about the future of AI-powered coding. We are very, very excited about this!