Studdy: an AI tutor for every student

Snap, ask, and learn anything with Studdy Buddy


Have you ever been studying something and wished you could instantly ask a question about it to an expert? Now you can, with Studdy.

Studdy is an AI tutor for students. Anytime you need help with schoolwork (or any material you’re reading), just snap a picture to get instant help from Studdy Buddy.

The problem

Students are not getting the help they need to succeed in school. Every year, 65%+ of all U.S. eighth graders score “below proficient,” in reading comprehension and math.

The problem is that class sizes are too large for teachers to provide enough 1:1 help to every kid. Districts can’t afford to hire more teachers, and parents are unable to help their kids at home because they don’t know the material either.

When a student falls behind for just a couple of weeks, it can lead to a spiral of underachievement that ultimately leads to many kids giving up. Studdy is here to stop the spiral.

How Studdy Helps

When students need extra help understanding material from class, Studdy is available 24/7 to answer any questions and patiently explain any concepts. Studdy never gets angry, impatient, or tired - and it loves answering follow up questions.

Things Studdy can do:

  • Break problems down into simple steps

  • Answer unlimited follow up questions

  • Summarize pages for you

  • Test your reading comprehension

  • Quiz you to make sure you understand the “why” of what you’re doing and aren’t just regurgitating homework steps

  • Frame problems and draw relationships for you

  • Speak to you at your grade level, in your own language

  • Plus more!

Studdy vs ChatGPT

Studdy is purpose built for students:

Our Story

Alex and I built Studdy for our former selves (we were not good students back in the day). Too much lecturing would put us to sleep, and that caused issues when it came time to do homework.

We wished we had a tutor available 24/7 who could answer all of our questions at home - when we would try to catch up on the material we’d missed during class.

Alex dropped out of college at 19 and he’s been plotting how to reform education ever since. I spent the last four years working in ed-tech and AI at Photomath, and then @Speak (W17), where I helped build an AI language tutor on GPT3 & 4. Alex and I previously worked together @Starcity (S16) before creating Studdy.

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