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Wattson Health 💊 Pharmacy automation to increase RX throughput & accuracy

Connecting fragmented pharmacy systems & automating high error-prone tasks

TL;DR: Wattson Health’s automation platform integrates with pharmacies' existing systems and enables them to fill prescriptions error-free in a matter of seconds vs. hours or even days.


Medication errors cost the healthcare industry $40 billion each year, the largest contributor being the manual processes employed by pharmacies. Software development within the pharmacy space has lagged behind other industries. Pharmacies are often saddled with old technology systems that don’t talk to each other. The result is a lot of duct-taped manual solutions in order to fill prescriptions. Entire teams are needed to be hired for data entry and review, costing pharmacies time and money.


Wattson Health’s automation platform integrates seamlessly with existing pharmacy software to manage the “prescription lifecycle.”

  • As orders come in, we parse, process, and apply any auto-curated rules necessary to progress orders from A to Z in a matter of seconds vs. hours or even days.
  • We run in the background and provide real-time analytics and reports.
  • Our bi-directional APIs finally provide patients, doctors, and clinics with transparency into the mysterious fulfillment process.


We both lived down the hall from each other in our freshman dorm at Stanford back in 2010. Much of our early friendship focused on competitive Super Smash Bros. games (on N64 of course), so much so that we built a robust tracking app to record our matches. Over the last 13 years, we’ve remained close friends and have loved hacking on projects together.

@Justin Spitz spent the last 3 years as the first employee of Maximus, a telemedicine startup, scaling it from $0 to $11M in ARR. He saw first-hand how difficult it was to work with pharmacies and built internal tools to streamline operations.

@Cleophus Robinson IV spent the last 6 years at Google & YouTube designing infrastructure and pipelines to facilitate data propagation. He is an expert at building AI/ML models to influence user behavior.

With Justin’s experience working with pharmacies and Cleo’s background in data pipelines and infrastructure, we’re excited to double down on our skill sets to bring Wattson Health to life.


If you fall into one of the categories below or know anyone that does, please reach out, introduce us, or request a demo directly on our website:

  • Pharmacy owners, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, etc.
  • EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical/Health Record) companies
  • Telemedicine companies / online clinics

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