💧🧬Cleancard - Making cancer screening as easy as a pregnancy test

Combining SynBio and AI to make rapid and reliable at-home cancer testing possible

Tl;dr: We’re Cleancard, a pair of Rhodes Scholars on a mission to reinvent cancer diagnostics. We combine synthetic biology + AI to create powerful at-home cancer tests, with results from urine in just 30 minutes. Check out our website for more!

Hey everyone - we’re Tom and Luca, the co-founders behind Cleancard!

👨🏻 Tom: Clinical cancer researcher, expert in bioinformatics and methods development. No stranger to designing better biomarker tests. 👨🏻‍🦰 Luca: Computer scientist with a strong healthcare policy background. Years of experience growing healthtech and consumer businesses.

Early cancer detection saves lives 🕑

More than 18M Americans have cancer today. Unfortunately, this is a growth market (26M projected by 2040). 1 in 3 have a close family member with a history of cancer, and thus have a higher risk for cancer themselves (2x). We know these realities all too well from our personal lives, dealing with hereditary cancer syndromes and family histories of cancer.

Cancer will come for many of us. To give ourselves drastically better odds of surviving this disease, we need to diagnose it before it reaches an advanced stage.

Problem: Cancer screening is failing us 🤬

  • Cancer symptoms are often unnoticeable until the cancer is too advanced to cure
  • Current lab-based screening tests are time-consuming and costly - they fail to get people to screen before they are symptomatic (even for PSA, only 1 in 3 participate)
  • At-home rapid tests would increase rates of asymptomatic screening but just don’t perform well enough to be trusted for cancer diagnostics
  • Current options are not sufficient to give people their best chance at surviving cancer

Solution: Cleancard’s rapid testing platform 😍

We’ve built a new rapid-test method enabling highly sensitive biomarker-guided diagnostics from the urine in just 30 minutes. Key advantages of our proprietary technology:

  • 10x quicker/cheaper than lab-based tests
  • 10x more sensitive than lateral flow
  • No expensive machinery or complicated sample manipulation.

See how we stack up:

Cleancard technology combines synthetic biology, machine learning, and computer vision into a multiplexable, machine-readable format which allows us to detect multiple cancer biomarkers from a single sample.

Our first rapid at-home screens will identify prostate, bladder, and ovarian cancers. Our method is highly agile - we’ve successfully targeted 10 new cancer biomarkers during this YC batch alone, with more to come soon.

Cleancard’s platform is the one-stop shop for reliable detection and tracking of multiple cancer biomarkers in the comfort of your own home.

Our asks 🙏

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  • Join our team! We are always looking for highly motivated scientists and engineers to join us in our mission to reinvent cancer diagnostics. If that’s you or someone you know, please get in touch (contact@cleancard.bio).