Strada - Code-first workflow automation

Build automation workflows in Python across your organization, with app integrations, triggers, and deployment all handled for you.

TLDR: Strada is the fastest way for developers to build complex workflows across their organization. We help the 16,000 global enterprises build integrations at scale without hiring expensive specialists.

Hi everyone! We’re Amir and Arash and we’re excited to introduce Strada.

 The problem

Today, building integrations at enterprise scale requires companies to either:

  1. Buy middleware platforms like MuleSoft that only specialized developers know how to use, costing millions of dollars all-in; or
  2. Build custom integrations by gluing together complex code that handles connectors, errors, retries, rate-limiting, deployment, monitoring, and scaling

As the number of systems and their scale grows this problem only gets worse.

💡 Our solution

Strada makes it easy for any developer to build integrations and roll them out fast. We do this by combining:

  1. An end-to-end platform that handles everything for you — connectors, testing, error handling, logging, deployment, and more
  2. The flexibility to write integration logic in your preferred programming language, made 10x faster with our code copilot

⚙️ How it works

  1. Choose a workflow: event-based, schedule-based, or a new API endpoint
  2. Connect your data: pick a connector to any app, API, or data source
  3. Write logic: code in any programming language or let Strada’s copilot take the wheel
  4. Go live: integrate with source control and deploy with one click or via CI/CD

Today, companies use Strada to automate customer onboarding, transcribe phone calls using OpenAI's Whisper API, and parse PDFs using GPT-4 Vision. We also use Strada internally to automate everything from lead routing to CI/CD monitoring.

🧑‍💻 Meet the team

Arash and Amir met 15+ years ago in high school and first built integrations together while working at a fintech startup called Percents. We then launched our first accounting integration product, which led us to learn about the massive problem that enterprises face.

Before that, Arash was an engineering lead at Microsoft, working on Bing’s data platform, and Amir was a product lead at Revolut.

🙏 Our ask

If you’re managing integrations with custom scripts or are frustrated with the limitations of Zapier reach out to us at founders@getstrada.com or visit getstrada.com to sign up for a demo.