Slicker - AI-powered payments platform for global enterprises

Use a single interface for all your global payment needs

Hey everyone, we are Dani and Ivan from Slicker! I am an ex-Stripe engineer who’s built payment integrations processing >$500M/year across cards, bank transfers and local payment methods.

💵 The problem

You’re a high-revenue consumer company, looking to expand into new markets. To scale your payments efficiently, you need to create a dedicated team to:

  • Build out payment integrations with the local payment providers
  • Extract and transform transaction data from each provider for the finance team
  • Fine-tune settings exposed only in the UI dashboard of the provider
  • Continuously monitor, analyze and optimize your payment integrations

Online payments are crucial to every consumer business. In large enterprises, there are hundreds of people, working in payment teams.

✨ Our solution

Slicker is the last payments integration you’ll ever need to build. It sits on top of your existing payment providers, such as Stripe, Adyen and PayPal, and reduces the time and effort necessary to:

  • Maintain and update multiple integrations
  • Introduce risk logic, spanning all processors
  • Produce reconciliation and settlement reports across providers
  • Optimize payment method selection in different markets
  • Generate unified reports and alerting for core metrics, such as the card authorization rate

We use AI agents to handle non-programmatic interfaces, parse provider updates, and efficiently scale integrations.

🙌 Asks

  • If you’re interested, drop me an email at dani@slickerhq.com or join our waitlist at www.slickerhq.com
  • Share this with CFOs and payments product managers who are actively trying to scale their global payments infrastructure