Release AI — Talk to your Infrastructure

Engage in meaningful conversations with your AWS account and your K8s infrastructure.

Release helps developers get their amazing ideas out into the world faster. 🚀 When it comes to developers, DevOps has turned into an additional hurdle on the path to delivering product features. Originally, DevOps was meant to empower developers with operational tasks, but instead, it evolved into a team that controls access and holds the keys to the information and systems needed to deploy and release quickly.

📣 In every organization, a handful of exceptional DevOps 👨‍💻 engineers become the oracles of knowledge and the entire team relies heavily on their expertise. However, reliance on a few go-to experts inevitably becomes a bottleneck on the team's speed and ability to ship. Don’t you wish you had your expert DevOps engineer on a speed-dial, without actually bugging them?

🤖 Introducing Release AI—a powerful tool that allows anyone using the Release CLI to get go-to DevOps engineers’ answers, without tying up the experts’ time. Developed with developers and engineers in mind, Release AI extends the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4 public LLM with our extensive expertise in DevOps, providing you with relevant context, control, and content tailored to your organization's unique needs.

👷‍♂️ In its initial phase, Release AI provides "read-only" access to both AWS and Kubernetes. This lets you engage in meaningful conversations with your AWS account and your K8s infrastructure. Looking forward, we plan to add more tools for commonly used systems, along with the introduction of write access, which will allow you to automate an even broader range of your 🤹‍♀️ daily tasks.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Release AI:

🐳 Talk to your Kubernetes clusters

🧑‍💻 Talk to your AWS infrastructure

💰 Keep track of your AWS spend

Create Cron Jobs and Reminders

We have a Slack community that you can join to talk about Release AI. We also wrote a 🚀 quick-start guide to help you get started.

Our Ask 🙏

Try it out! We would love your feedback as we are enhancing Release AI, reach out to us with any feature requests or crazy ideas that Release AI could do for you. We hope you enjoy using Release AI! ❤️

— The Release Team