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Hello there! I'm FG (short for François-Guillaume 🇫🇷), the founder of Quack AI.

tl;dr: We help large software companies run like the most efficient open-source projects. In the future, top-tier developers in those organizations will be able to contribute to pivotal projects, regardless of what teams they're from.

💬 The Problem

Successful OSS projects are well-organized communities where information is shared and valued. Recognizing this gold standard, corporate giants like Microsoft and IBM are shifting towards 'innersource' - a strategy that fosters ownership, augments communication, and bolsters productivity. However, like many cluttered OSS projects, the vast array of solicitations and varying expertise easily gets overwhelming.

💻 Our Solution

Our Dual-Fold Approach:

  • Clarity for maintainers (Web interface): we empower maintainers with a framework to streamline contribution processes. Through our intuitive interface, maintainers can design, curate, and sequence the optimal steps for smooth project contributions.

  • Guidance for developers (VSCode extension): with our IDE extension, developers aren't just compliant; they're efficient. It aids in identifying the right issues, ensures alignment with contribution flows, and keeps a pulse on project priorities.

While maintaining popular OSS projects and being an active contributor to PyTorch, I’ve often faced the frustration of seeing Pull Requests from newcomers and thinking “If only that person had the reflex to do XYZ.” Those unwritten norms, which often evade CI restrictions, only sink in after repeated code reviews and numerous trials and errors. This uneasy feeling that “it would be so easy if they were to do ABC” highlights the absence of a solid framework for collaborative development.

🦆 The Team

I tend to describe myself as a "Deep learning engineer by day, open source contributor by night 🦇" which is fairly accurate! On top of being among the top contributors of PyTorch, I’ve led the development of the open-source OCR library of devtool company Mindee (YC W21). I experienced first-hand how some open-source communities are structured to achieve high engagement & productivity, which now appeals to software behemoths.

🙏 How you can help

  • 🤝 Refer: know someone in a major corporation looming over innersource or part of a substantial OSS project? Please connect us.
  • ⭐ Engage: star us on GitHub & hop into our Discord for the latest updates!
  • 👍👎 Experiment & feedback: mold your unique coding insights and take our VSCode extension for a whirl.
  • 📣 Share: share this post with your network, you can find us on Twitter or LinkedIn

Up to revolutionize developer collaboration? Let’s get quacking then!