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The API tool for teams

Hey, this is Jeane and Samuel from RecipeUI.

We’re building an API testing experience that works for the whole team (Devs, PMs, QA, Ops). Try it out at https://recipeui.com.

Jeane built the first version of this at Robinhood when he saw his colleagues struggle to use and test internal APIs. It went viral and was adopted by near 100% of the engineering org, QA, and support teams, saving countless hours in testing.

Problem ❌

We rarely hear: “Wow, this API was easy to run.”

Instead you have..

  • Complex onboarding: Each teammate onboards onto an API differently. Some struggle with auth, some with params.
  • Designed for developers only: API tools are not built to be easily used by the whole team. Non-engineering teams need access to API tooling as well like QA, support, and product.
  • Poor documentation: Documentation is scattered across code, slack, and wikis. You shouldn't need a meeting just to figure out how an API works.

Solution ✅

Enable anyone to test APIs in seconds with a click of a button.

  • Easy setup: Quickly use new APIs with user-friendly forms for parameter input.
  • Designed for collaboration: Create and share Recipes (example API use cases) that run without needing any authentication.
  • Add APIs in minutes: Just import your YAML files and we’ll auto convert them into documented APIs for anyone to test.

Watch our demo:

Our Asks:

📢 Book a demo to see how RecipeUI can work for your team: https://calendly.com/jeane-nfi/30min

🌟 Star our GitHub: https://github.com/RecipeUI/RecipeUI

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