⚡ Onward – Meeting automation for ambitious teams

Streamline your meetings + automate your action items, instantly.

👋 Hey everyone - we’re Nikolas and Coleman from Onward.

🏆 TL;DR:

Onward is a new take on meeting automation software. We streamline follow-ups, CRM updates, ticket creation, and other tasks after every customer meeting.

Get in touch with us, and we'll talk through your current workflows, share insights from high-performing teams, and give you a white-glove onboarding experience.

🎉 Our Story

We're Nikolas and Coleman. We built our first AI automation product together in middle school and have worked alongside each other ever since.

We started Onward shortly after Nikolas left Midjourney to help teams spend more time on the thing that matters most: supporting their customers.

🤔 The Problem

We have spent the past couple of years talking with hundreds of sales and support leaders. One thing has become quite clear: face-to-face interaction is the most effective way to acquire and retain customers. However, the time spent in and around meetings has become a bottleneck for organizations.

Here's why:

  1. Every meeting creates more work for us to do, and less time to do it. In the end, the highest leverage interactions become the hardest to scale.
  2. Today's tools are disconnected from our conversations, meaning knowledge workers lose around 30% of their day due to meetings and the subsequent work that follows, such as communication, synthesis, and data entry tasks – often long after the call has happened and the context is fresh.

✨ Our Solution

We offer a seamless, end-to-end meeting automation platform.

  1. Connect calls with one click. We integrate with all live communication platforms (Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack) and import these interactions directly into our platform.
  2. Instantly synthesize interactions. We analyze your calls, extract summaries and key moments, and identify action items and commitments, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.
  3. Enrich and automate action items. We automate your work by automatically drafting emails 📧, populating CRMs ✨, creating tickets 🔔, tracking commitments ✅, sending event invites 📅, and creating reminders 💬 – all within the context of your interactions.

This helps teams scale their human touch, allowing them to remain front and center while Onward streamlines the 30% of their day spent on repetitive tasks.

🙏 Our Ask

Intro us to Revenue leaders: If you or anyone else in your network spends hours each week in repetitive meetings (such as demos, sales calls, interviews, etc.), we would love to connect. Please make a warm intro to coleman@onwardhq.com!

Interested in early access?: Get in touch, and we'll talk through your current workflows, share best practices from high-performing teams, and give you a white-glove onboarding as early as this week.