Deekard - Instant answers from your database with AI

Stop waiting on data teams, guessing at undocumented schemas, and debugging SQL. Start getting answers.


Deekard is your one-stop shop for fast and easy data analysis. Just enter your database details, ask your burning questions, and let Deekard do the rest. Forget waiting on your data team - it’s time to get your answers fast.


You are collecting data about your business and want to become more data-driven in your decision-making. But you’re hitting some speed bumps:

  • Waiting game: You’re stuck in a queue, waiting for your data team to free up and handle your request. They can’t update the dashboards fast enough or don’t have time to work on your ad-hoc data requests.
  • No time to write SQL: You’ve got a business to run, not a course in SQL to take. It should be simple to run your database queries, not a guessing game.
  • Documentation? What documentation? You look at your team’s data warehouse and you don’t understand what’s in there. There’s no documentation and you have no idea if that column really contains the data you hope for.


Deekard gives you a powerful, integrated analytics experience - powered by AI. Connect your database and you’re ready to go.

  • Requests in plain English: Get started with your request in natural language and Deekard takes care of translating it into a database query. Refine your request with a graphical query builder - or just edit the plain English request. You can also switch to SQL mode - and back - whenever you like.
  • Explore your database: See what’s inside your database. Deekard automatically profiles your data and creates that missing documentation for you. This helps with writing queries that actually work.
  • Team effort: Share the AI-powered query editor and unblock your whole team. They can instantly reuse your database connection and ask their own questions.


Try Deekard! Start at deekard.com. Tell us what you think at founders@deekard.com.

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Thank you!
Dustin and Tammo