Elessar — Automatic engineering documentation and reporting with LLMs

The all-in-one engineering visibility solution powered by AI. Seamlessly integrated in your tools.

Hey YC!

Super excited to share Elessar — automatic documentation and reporting for engineering teams. Elessar boosts engineering productivity by integrating with your existing ecosystem of tools to automatically generate changelogs, streamline communications, and provide AI-powered reporting to engineers & managers.


  • As an engineer, documenting code changes is tedious & staying up to date with changes made by other team members is time consuming. As a result, development ends up operating mostly in silos, where context is often lost or is difficult to access.
  • As a manager, these silos make it difficult to understand time spend, efficiently allocate resources, unblock engineers, and act on trends early.

LLMs can help. Meet Elessar — the all-in-one engineering visibility solution powered by AI:


  • Automatic changelogs for PRs in GitHub (captures function modifications etc. for all files changed)
  • Automatic documentation & weekly reports in Notion (weekly progress made easily accessible)
  • Two-way sync temporary channels per PR in Slack w/ AI summaries, statuses, and reporting (reduces context-switching)
  • VS Code extension that brings changelogs into the editor (reduces time spent searching diffs)
  • Daily email digests for engineers (stay up to date effortlessly)
  • Daily email digests for managers (manage better with AI insights)
  • Leaderboards, integrated Linear issues, & more

Coming Soon

  • Branch progress
  • GitLab, JIRA, and Confluence integrations


Early users are really loving the platform. Get your company started here. Only takes a couple minutes to setup! First month is free & YC companies receive 20% off all pricing tiers.

Reach out at founders@getelessar.com or visit getelessar.com if you’d like to book a demo!