DataShare: Embed customer-facing charts, dashboards and exports directly in your product

Backed by an enterprise data warehouse and just 20 lines of code to integrate.

Hey there! I’m Brian from DataShare.

DataShare is a data-as-a-service platform that lets you embed charts, dashboards and exports directly into your product. For example, if you run an accounting startup, DataShare would enable you to embed a full profit and loss dashboard, with downloadable statements. It’s backed by an enterprise-grade data warehouse and can be implemented in fewer than 20 lines of code.

Book some time if you want to learn more. We can walk through all DataShare has to offer and give you an idea of what an integration would look like for your tech stack.


Over the past few years, SaaS and financial services companies have been pushed by their customers to provide better business intelligence tooling. These systems are complex to design, hard to build, expensive to run, and challenging to scale. I've seen numerous examples of companies doing things like operating a database per customer or running 10+ hour-long pre-computation jobs just to deliver customer-facing data products.

However, during my time at Stripe, I saw a different model. I ran the engineering team that built Data Pipeline and Sigma, and due to Stripe's infrastructure, we were able to rapidly deliver new products that helped to retain some of Stripe’s largest customers.

DataShare is packaging up what I learned, and delivering that knowledge to the rest of the market.

The Product

DataShare is a platform that combines a scalable, enterprise-grade data warehouse with a front-end framework for integrating business intelligence tools directly into your product.

Charts and dashboards can be built with a point-and-click UI and can be integrated with just two lines of code.

You can also skip the UI if you want. Visualizations can be built using DataShare’s AI-powered assistant.

DataShare supports more than 20 types of data sources, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB, and is backed by a full data warehouse.

About DataShare

Brian - I spent the past 4 years at Stripe and the past year and a half as the eng manager for Data Pipeline and Sigma. My team and I supported some of Stripe’s largest customers like DoorDash, Slack, Zoom, and Lime, helping keep them happy and run crucial financial workflows.


If you are thinking about building our customer-facing business intelligence tools, or you have a customer-facing BI stack you don’t like, reach out at hello@datashare.co or grab time to chat.


Brian from DataShare