Epsilon - AI search engine for academic research

Get answers to research questions with citations to academic literature

For research scientists in industry or academia, Epsilon is a tool that gives instant answers to research questions using references to academic literature.


ChatGPT and other general purpose LLMs are not well suited for researchers. Why?

  • They don’t use the most up to date information
  • They can’t provide citations to relevant peer-reviewed literature
  • They struggle to give detailed and comprehensive answers that are necessary for research

Meanwhile academic search tools like Google Scholar leave researchers with hours of paper reading to find the one single nugget that suits their specific use case.

How Epsilon Works

For a given search query, Epsilon will find content from top related academic papers to generate research-backed. Users use our product to brainstorm research questions, summarize papers, and find targeted reading material that they can use to learn new academic subfields.

Here’s a demo of how it works:

We simplify repetitive workflows for scientists so that they can focus on producing ground-breaking research.

Get Started

Try it out here or send it to someone who you think will find it useful. And let us know what you think!