Nara - Your new employee that boosts sales automatically

Nara is a digital sales associate specifically built for Shopify stores


Introducing the first AI-powered digital sales associate for Shopify stores. More than a tool is like a team member that helps shoppers on all chat channels. It gives product details, solves customer problems and disputes, helps them find items, and makes the checkout process easy.

Want to see all Nara's skills? Here is its CV: https://read.cv/trynara/




We understand the overwhelm of running a Shopify store. The endless customer queries, the need for quick responses, and the struggle to grow sales while managing day-to-day operations. It's like running a marathon and a sprint at the same time.

But how do we know exactly how this feels?

We focused on stepping into our customers' shoes - working directly in their CRMs as sales and support agents to truly understand their pain.

This is what our inbox looked like from just one customer in just 2 hours 😂

Based on this, we are releasing these new updates for Nara.


1. Automated actions

Nara helps you save time by handling all the order tracking questions, cancelations, refunds, and other workflows from end to end.

2. Omnichannel human-level support

Nara integrates seamlessly into all your chat channels like CRMs, Instagram DMs, email, etc.

3. Human touch experience

Nara is bringing back the comfort and ease of chatting with a helpful sales associate we had in physical stores - not just a traditional text chatbot.

Our Ask 🙏

  • If you know a DTC brand or Shopify store let us know, we'd love to connect with them!
  • We are raising our seed round. If you know any investors, or if you are an investor interested in this space, we would love to talk.
  • For further inquiries or partnerships, you can send us an email at founders@trynara.com

_Try us!—you can start using Nara here: _https://trynara.com/?utm=launchyc

Thank you!!! 🙏