Buster - Enable your customers to chat with their data

Embed an LLM-powered reporting feature into your product, in less than an hour.

tl;dr: Buster helps developers embed an AI self-service data experience directly into their web app. Once embedded, your customers can ask text-based questions about their data, receive answers in seconds, and build their own dashboards. Watch a demo video here.

Hey, this is Blake and Dallin from Buster.

With Buster, your customers can pull data and build dashboards using plain English.

You can connect your database to Buster and embed an LLM-powered reporting feature into your web app, in less than an hour. Once embedded, your customers can ask data questions in plain English, visualize insights, and build their own dashboards.

  • Static dashboards make for underwhelming data features: Customers have data questions that just aren't answered in your static “Insights” tab. They don’t want to export CSVs. They want custom, in-app reports. They want dashboards that are beautiful, dynamic, custom, self-serve, and personalized to their individual needs.
  • Building customer-facing dashboards sucks: Building dashboards and reporting features is resource-intensive. The more dynamic your analytics feature, the more engineering resources you will need to develop, ship, and maintain it.
  • LLMs solve this, but pushing them to production is a nightmare: Getting an LLM to take a nuanced user question, generate accurate SQL, and display reliable results (in a beautiful, intuitive UX) is a huge technical lift.

With Buster, your customers can pull data and build custom dashboards using plain English. It’s simple, powerful, and intuitive. It’s also incredibly easy for developers to test, implement, and maintain. Most developers stand up a PoC in 30 minutes.

Out of the box, Buster handles:

  • the front-end UI (extremely flexible to white-label and match your web app)
  • users, access controls, & tenancy
  • training your LLM to be production-ready
  • collecting user feedback over time (RLHF)
  • monitoring and improving LLM performance
  • and more…

You can build, deploy, and monitor everything from our platform (or via our APIs).


We’re live and have customers using Buster in production! If you’d like to try Buster with your data, you can get started at buster.so