Senso: AI-Powered knowledge base designed for Credit Unions

We empower marketing and support teams with LLM generated insights to expand customer relationships

TL;DR:  In traditional industries like financial services, knowledge feels stuck.  Existing knowledge bases weren’t designed for LLMs, and the time it takes for marketing and support teams to access information negatively impacts retention, loyalty, and sentiment.  Senso is building an AI-powered knowledge base to expand customer relationships, starting in the Credit Union space.


Hey YC!

We’re Saroop and Tom, the founders of Senso. Over the past decade, we’ve been developing AI solutions for banks and credit unions, which provide marketing and support teams with insights to boost customer retention rates.

Consider the following scenarios, which we see happen over and over again:

  • You contact your financial institution only to be put on hold for up to 10 minutes and then transferred to another department.
  • You get offers which are not at all relevant to your life circumstances.

Sound familiar? This type of experience has become the norm in industries like financial services leading to frustrated customers and missed opportunities.


We’ve started in the US Credit Union industry. Why Credit Unions? Because expanding member relationships is their highest priority. Currently, inefficient means in accessing information, policies and procedures, and past behavior bring unexpected overhead.  A few examples:

  1. Service Delays: 40% of members are put on hold by support teams, sometimes for up to 5-7 minutes, due to difficulties in accessing policies, procedures, and member information.
  2. Marketing Relevance: Marketing teams face 2-4 week delays in obtaining behavioral data, resulting in missed opportunities to provide personalized service.

These challenges, common across nearly 5000 Credit Unions, stem from an inefficient system for aggregating data and surfacing member behavior, intent, interactions, and policies & procedures in a timely fashion.


Senso is building an AI-powered Knowledge Base designed for traditional enterprises, starting with Credit Unions. Our product provides a flexible way to centralize enterprise knowledge, such as documents and conversational data, that LLMs utilize to improve information flow across support and marketing teams.

Our GTM strategy is to partner with industry leaders to distribute our product. In the Credit Union space, we’ve partnered with CU 2.0 to launch an industry-specific version of Senso called CuCopilot, built using our APIs.

Here’s an example of how our growing customer base is using our product to provide more timely and personalized service to members.

  1. Ingest and summarize thousands of conversations so that support and marketing teams can understand what members are asking. Examples of metrics surfaced are sentiment and call purpose.

  2. In this example, the Credit Union decides to track members speaking about loan and account openings, and sets a frequency to auto-generate weekly FAQ’s based on interactions.

  3. Once the FAQ is generated, support agents can better answer questions related to loan and account openings by searching for auto-generated responses.

One of our customers, TruStone Financial, has seen a significant uptick in the speed in which they are able to answer questions, and their documentation has improved response quality significantly.


  1. Know anyone at a Credit Union?  If our product may be of interest to anyone running a P&L, an introduction would be appreciated.
  2. Developers:  We’ve onboarded API partners like TribalScale and Fundmore to launch AI-powered knowledge bases in their products and industries. If you’re a developer interested in doing the same, we’ll set you up with an API Key.
  3. YC Alum:  While our solution has primarily been targeted at Credit Unions, we are getting demand from other industries, and if our solution is of interest to you, please reach out to explore.
  4. Fellow Founders: We look forward to getting to know you!  Please reach out if there’s a potential partnership opportunity.

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Feel free to get in touch: hello@senso.ai

Thank you,

Saroop & Tom