🛠️ Forge - Procure hardware and control spend on one platform

Collaborate with manufacturers, track orders from quote to delivery, manage purchase approvals, and more!

tl;dr: We’re bringing everything related to your team's hardware procurement under one platform. Forge makes it easy to get your parts made while also providing insight into your teammates' purchases, the status of their parts, and more. On top of this, we give companies the ability to set their procurement policies in a straightforward manner, making it simple for everyone to follow. Request a demo at www.forgehq.com.

Hello everyone! We're Emir and Haris, two brothers and the co-founders of Forge! We’re on a mission to help hardware teams move faster.

Haris (left) is the CTO of Forge. Before Forge, he worked at Facebook and Vanguard as a backend engineer. Emir (right) is the CEO of Forge. Previously he was a lead engineer with experience designing, building, and testing rocket engines at Blue Origin and Stoke Space. At Stoke, Emir was part of a small team that became the fastest to ever go from seed funding to engine hot fire.

🧩 The problem:

Getting parts into engineers’ hands sets the pace for hardware companies. However, procurement teams use email, spreadsheets, and phone calls to manage billions of dollars of spend. This causes huge coordination issues as many engineers don’t know whose approval they might need, when parts are coming in, and who ordered what. We saw it over and over again at companies of all sizes: poor supply chain operations cause constant delays and bottleneck the pace of development. In 2023, engineers were estimated to spend over 6 hours per week on procurement activities.

💡 Our solution:

Our software allows you to request quotes from your suppliers, where you can attach drawings and CAD. We then organize the quotes into a format that’s perfect for comparing your options. Once a supplier has been selected, you can continue to work with them by messaging, sharing files, and getting feedback directly on Forge. All these actions are viewable by your teammates, ensuring everyone is on the same page without the need for time-consuming meetings or searching through documentation.

Many companies struggle with unclear procurement operations. Forge offers a highly customizable tool for companies to publicly set their procurement flows in an easily readable manner. No more wondering who’s approval you need or what you’re waiting on. Even better - no IT team is needed for set up and changes can be made at any time!

Combine all this with integrations into your other business software and you have a tool that makes collaborating with coworkers and manufacturers easier than ever before.

🙏 Ask: How you can help

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  • Check us out and book a demo at forgehq.com
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