Nuanced, Inc.

🚀 Nuanced — Detect AI-generated images

We help companies like dating apps, ad platforms, news sites, and marketplaces distinguish human-authored materials from AI-generated content. 

Hi, We’re Ayman and Dylan, co-founders of Nuanced.

TL;DR: Nuanced detects AI-generated images. We help companies like dating apps, ad platforms, news sites, and marketplaces distinguish human-authored materials from AI-generated content.

We’re solving the authenticity crisis

No one wants to lose users because of fake AI content. Consumers lose trust in a platform flooded with AI-generated content, risking churn and reputational damage.

As AI-generated content surges, distinguishing it from human-made material becomes vital for trust and authenticity. Existing detection technologies fall short, resulting in a $78B annual deepfake expense, and amplify growing problems such as misinformation and identity verification.

Our solution has three parts:

  1. Easy integration via our API.
  2. Privacy-first, custom zero PII models.
  3. Staying ahead of AI-generated threats with our dedicated research team.

With Nuanced, you’ll never have to compromise user privacy, build costly internal systems, or take on complex integrations.

How it works

Nuanced provides a service that identifies AI-generated image content. Our models are trained on a wide array of architectures, such as Dalle-3, Midjourney, and SDXL, with continuous integration of data from the latest AI image generators. As AI-generated images evolve, so do we.

Our story

Dylan and I met while studying engineering at the University of Waterloo. Each of us brings over a decade of tech industry experience. I was on GitHub's engineering team for over 7 years, addressing challenges like scaling abuse mitigation for 100+ million users. While at GitHub, I saw AI-driven threats evolve and evade traditional detection techniques, which led me to found Nuanced.

Dylan has a decade of machine learning experience spanning industry and academia, culminating in a 6-year tenure as an Applied AI Scientist at Amazon.

We both agreed that online content creation and consumption were rapidly changing, making it harder to discern reality from convincing hallucinations.

Our asks

  • Give it a try: use this playground to see Nuanced in action, and check out our developer docs to learn more.
  • Flag incorrect results. If we get something wrong here, flag whether it was real or fake to help us improve our outcomes over time. We have provided a GIF below outlining how to flag incorrect results.
  • Schedule a call: to learn more, book a live 1:1 demo using this link, or by emailing us at demo@nuanced.dev.
  • Customer intros: we’d love intros to companies that have image verification needs, such as user-generated content platforms. Feel free to make intros directly to ayman@nuanced.dev.